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Recent projects

We provide only examples with general description of the project, as all the specific details are covered by NDAs

Design for Compliance of Telecom CO equipment - completed​
Product safety, reliability and compliance is a core principle of every manufacturer designing equipment for the telecom industry. In particular, the equipment intended to form telecom infrastructure and be installed in Central Office has to pass extensive conformity tests in independent test laboratories. Time and cost of such testing is significant part of the resources allocated for product development. 

Skyrun  was contracted  to determine the applicable requirements and built-in all required features into the high-capacity telecom switch.  Our experts joined customer R&D team on product design stage,  and managed all certification activities including safety (UL, CE, CDRH), EMC (CE, FCC) and industial standards (NEBS, ETSI, ITU-T). As a result, product passed all compliance testing at leading test laboratories on the first run, with no need for re-testing.
Interconnection of computers and monitors in Cath Lab - completed

The cath lab, also known as a catheter laboratory or cardiac catheterisation laboratory, is part of a hospital's cardiac department. It consists of Operating Room where procedure is taking place, and Control Room. All equipment and personnel which does not have to be in patient vicinity is located in control room. ​​ All peripheral equipment including computers in most cases are located in Control Room and are not required to be medical grade products and can be off-the-shelf consumer grade products. However, they may be electrically connected with equipment in Operating room and as a result for a Medical Equipment (ME) System which has to comply with medical grade requirements.  
Skyrun  experts were called to determine the gap between existing consumer grade compliance of off-the-shelf products in Control Room and additional  medical grade requirements resulted from interconnection with equipment in Operating Room. As a result, additional V&V process has been performed by ME System integrator to address the gap.
Installation of computers and monitors in trains and elevators - in process
Monitors with adaptive digital interior design software are commonly integrated in household and industrial designs. Next step is to introduce such monitors to trains, buses and elevators to improve perceived ride quality and cabin size on top of delivering real-time messaging and information.
Skyrun  experts were called to determine the gap between existing consumer grade compliance of off-the-shelf products and additional requirements resulted from installation in other than controlled “office” environment.
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