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​With over 20 years of experience and various strategic partnerships around the world, we can help our customers to develop, test and certify their products to safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), quality and other regulatory requirements of main global markets

Import to Israel

Skyrun Ltd is  importing to Israel electrical products in the following categories

  • Medical Equipment

  • Computers and Accessories

  • Digital cameras

  • Communication Equipment

  • Home Appliances

  • Car accessories

  • Chargers for Electrical Vehicles 

Regulatory approvals

Skyrun Ltd works with leading experts and test laboratories to manage the entire product certification process from start to finish, with main expertise in Information Technology and Medical product categoris.

Our suite of services designed to achieve global market access includes:
•    Country and market-specific research into regulatory requirements
•    Compliance evaluations
•    Design reviews
•    Approval planning and management
•    Liaison assistance with testing authorities and approval agencies
•    Preparation and submission of testing and approval applications
•    Testing coordination and scheduling
•    Local technical support and guidance 


System Integration

Skyrun Ltd is involved in providing system integration solution related to using information technology equipment in spacial application with additional regulatory requirements for products and processes.


Example is using computers in control room of cardiac catheterisation laboratory, or computer controlled HD dispalys in mobile applications.

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